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Our guild uses a fixed value DKEPICUPP system to distribute loot, the exact details of which are explained below. In short, each guild member who is available for raid on a given night will receive points for being early, being ready at raid start, and being available until the raid ends. When loot drops, players with the highest number of points will be given the first chance to spend their earned points on that loot.


1pts --- BEING EARLY --- RAID invites will go via the in-game calendar at 8:45pm, anyone who accepts that invite will receive 1 point.

3pts --- BEING READY AT RAID START --- The RAID will begin at 7:30pm, or as close to it as possible. Anyone who is in the raid group and inside the instance(or waiting at the instance portal if nobody is inside) ready to begin will receive 3 points.

6pts --- BEING AVAILABLE UNTIL THE RAID ENDS --- Players who are available until the end of raid(do not leave early) will receive 6 points.

For a total of 10 points that any player can acquire for a single raid.

NOTE: There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to the early points rule, if you are afk or not online to receive your 6:15 invite, you WILL NOT RECEIVE early points.

It is possible to receive Early Points, and not receive On-time Points if you are not at the instance and ready at raid start.

Players who arrive late and are available until the end of that nights raid will get a portion of their 6pts based on how late they are, receiving 2pts per hour of raid that remains(rounding to the nearest hour).

A player may be on standby and not in raid for whatever reason and still be eligible for all raid points as long as they fit the criteria, and are readily available to join the group when/if called upon.

Available means available. Players who are offline, not in vent, or non responsive will be considered unavailable and forfeit their points as such.

All players point totals will be reset to 0 at the start of each new raid tier.

All points earned will be added to a players total at the end of the nights raid. All points spent by a player will be deducted from their total immediately.

It is possible to have negative points, with no limit, and still win gear, as long as you have more than the other player interested.


When loot drops, the master looter will go through the items one at a time and ask the raid who is interested. Players who want an item will have their points totals checked, and the player with the highest number of points will receive the item and have the appropriate number of points removed from their total. If two or more interested players have equal point totals, they will /roll to determine the winner, and only the winner will have points deducted. All point values of loot are fixed, and the same for everyone, as seen below.

30pts --- 2h Weapons and all Trinkets

15pts --- 1h Weapons and Off-hand items

20pts --- Helm, Chest, Shoulders, Gloves, Legs (including tier pieces or tokens)

10pts --- Neck, Cloak, Bracers, Belt, Boots, Rings

All item values listed are for Mythic quality gear. If we are in Heroic Raid, all point values are halved. In Normal difficulty, all point totals are 1/3 mythic cost (all point totals round fractions up).

All Off-Spec loot is free, and will be given out via /roll to anyone who can use it and wants it.

Loot will always go to main spec before off spec

Anyone trying to sneakily bid off spec for main spec gear will be charged the full price and possibly penalized further. Do not test us.

Mounts/Pets are not necessary for progression, and as such we believe they are best used as a reward for those raiders with the best attendance, because they are the reason we can raid to begin with. Any mount or pet drops will be given out via /roll to any raider with X% attendance in the current raid tier(provided they do not already have the mount, and 1 of each pet per raider)

BOE items will be bid on for main spec like any piece of gear. If you win it, you'd better use it.

BOE items not wanted for main spec will be sold by the guild to fund guild repairs. Guild members may purchase BOEs from the guild for a reduced price.

Legendary items are obtained through a variety of means, and how they are distributed will be decided as they come.

Loot systems are designed to distribute phat loots fairly and evenly throughout a large raid team. Anyone attempting to manipulate or undermine the system in an unfair way is not a team player and will be dealt with harshly. The guild leadership reserves the right to give whatever loot to whoever, and alter the system as needed if we feel it has been cheated or some unforeseen problem arises(like Dave not winning something he wants).
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